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The EziDri Ezivac will revolutionise the way you buy & store your food! Vacuume Pack your dehydrated or fresh food and save!


    • Greatly extend the life of your food, whether it is kept in the pantry, fridge or freezer with this high-quality, Italian-made vacuum packing system.
    • Perfect for dehydrated goods and fresh food!
    • Extends the shelf life of your product by up to 5 times by removing over 70% of the air which in turn reduces oxidization, prevents freezer burn & also prevents microbes like bacteria & mould from ruining your food.

Easy to use & fully-automatic operation. Vacuum pack in minutes.

    • Perfect for Backpackers, hikers and camping trips!

The Ezivac makes a great addition to every kitchen – you'll quickly wonder what you ever did without it!

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Product Description

The Ezivac is a vacuum packing system that is the perfect companion to your Food Dehydrator as well as for extending the life of fresh foods.

It vacuum packs fresh & dried food for easy storage and longer shelf life.

Ezivac review:

Key Features
    • Greatly extends the life of your food by up to 5 times
    • Removes over 70% of the air
    • Ideal for fresh & dehydrated foods
    • Fully-automatic and quick to use
    • Perfect for backpackers, campers & hikers!
    • Able to store goods in pantry, fridge or freezer
    • Made in Italy

Health Benefits
    • Reduces oxidization of food
    • Reduces freezer burn
    • Prevents bacteria and mould from ruining your food

    • Save money by getting the most out of your food
    • Never waste your groceries again!


    • The Ezivac comes with a strong .8 bar (11psi) pump and has a vacuum capacity of 9 litres per minute
    • Automatic operation means it’s easy to use
    • Manual override function means you’re always in control
BONUS Extras
    • 20 reusable bags (20cm x 30cm)
    • Connecting tube for canisters
    • Bottle Stopper
    • Detailed operation manual
    • 2-year warranty

What to Vacuum Pack:

Instant Meals
The EziVac is great for instant meals. Put sauces, casseroles, soups, pasta bakes or any left-overs you have into a bag , vacuum pack with the EziVac and freeze. Pull it out when hungry and place it straight into boiling water to warm it up or snip a corner off and place in the microwave. A healthy time saver!

Dehydratred Food
The EziVac is the perfect companion for a Food Dehydrator . Get the most out of your dehydrated food by vacuum packing to save space and have your favourite snacks all year round.

Healthy Bites
Vacuum Packing berries and a range of fruit into convenient little bags makes them readily available for a dessert or nice smoothie.

All types of meat and poultry vacuum seal and freeze well so take advantage of buying in bulk. Fish in portion sizes seals best.

Dough / Yeast
Make dough in bulk and vacuum pack and freeze what you don’t need. Defrost in warm water for 20 minutes when you wish to use. It’s also great for sealing yeast in convenient portion sizes in the freezer.

Create your own stock by the pot load and vacuum pack. Great in the freezer or fridge.
Pet food
For dry and wet pet food. Buy in bulk and save. Dry food can stay in the pantry, wet food can be stored in the fridge or freezer.

Grains / Cereals

Vacuum seal and store in the pantry.


Herbs / Spices

Fresh or dried herbs go a lot further and have longer lasting freshness and aroma when vacuum sealed.

Coffee Beans
Perfect to seal in the freshness!

Nuts & Cheese

The list goes on…

Batteries, Matches, First Aid / Emergency Supplies, paperwork

The list with what you can Vacuum pack is endless. Think of all the things that you can seal to save space in your car, home & workplace.

Vacuum Packing Tips:

    • Pat down to dry with paper towel before vacuuming.
    • If still moist place a paper towel in the bag and seal inside.
    • For best results freeze fish before sealing, in particular smaller, more delicate fish.

Hot meals
    • Allow hot food to cool before vacuum sealing. This prevents bacteria from producing in the bag and provides a better quality seal.

Delicate food
    • Pre-freezing before sealing prevents delicate foods such as raspberries, small fish etc from being crushed by the vacuum.
    • Pat them down to be as dry as possible.

Alternative Cooking
    • Vacuum packaging allows the special cooking method called sous-vide, meaning “under vacuum” in French. It involves poaching food that is vacuum sealed in a plastic bag, a much healthier option than some.

    • For best practice it is recommended to first blanch vegetables before sealing.

What not to seal
    • It is not recommended to seal the following: mushrooms, garlic & soft cheese. Furthermore cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts emit gases when stored that will cause the bag to expand and spoil the food.

Backpackers adore the EziVac!

The EziVac is perfect for backpackers, hikers and campers! By extending the food life by up to 5 times fridges are no longer a must have on weekends away. Vacuum packed dehydrated soup or stew is the perfect getaway meal. Plus it’s packed so tightly in its sealed packaging that is takes up almost no space at all and fits easily into backpacks and jacket pockets. Forget heavy cans and large containers that take up precious space. Travel light and effortlessly with vacuum packed food that lasts longer! Stay away longer and enjoy the freedom.
Shelf life of Vacuum Packaged Foods:

[custom_table style=”1″]

FoodStored InNormal Shelf LifeVacuum Shelf Life
Large cuts of meat: beef, poultry, lamb and porkFreezer6 months2-3 years
Ground meat: beef, poultry, lamb and porkFreezer4 months1 year
FishFreezer6 months2 years
Coffee beansRoom temperature4 weeks16 months
Coffee beansFreezer6-9 months2-3 years
Berries: strawberries, raspberries, blackberriesRefrigerator1-3 days1 week
Berries: cranberries, huckleberries, blueberriesRefrigerator3-6 days2 weeks
Cheese – hard, semi-soft and pasteurized cheeses.*Soft cheeses such as Brie, Camembert, Ricotta, Cottage and Teleme MAY NOT be vacuum packagedRefrigerator1-2 weeks4-8 months
Cookies, crackersRoom temperature (periodically opening)1-2 weeks3-6 weeks
Flour, sugar, riceRoom temperature6 months1-2 years
LettuceRefrigerator3-6 days2 weeks
NutsRoom temperature6 months2 years
Oils with no preservatives, like safflower, canola, corn oilRoom temperature5-6 months1-1.5 years
WineRefrigerator1-3 weeks2-4 months


Above table adapted by Tilia Inc. from Dr. G.K.York, Dept. of Food Science & Tech, U of California, Davis
Please note, this table serves as a guide only

Additional Information

Weight3.1 kg
Dimensions40 x 19 x 14 cm
Power / Plug

220-240V / Australian Standard Plug

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    My Ezivac has been in use since November 2015 and really do wonder why I didn’t buy it sooner. I would highly recommend this product for quality and durability.

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