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Vitamix Pro 750

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The exceptional Professional Series 750 is the latest and greatest in the Vitamix range!The Vitamix Pro 750 is designed specifically to perform like a commercial blender.   Equipped with 5 Pre-Programed settings, 10 Speed Variable Speed Control, an unbreakable BPAY-free 2.0L Wet Jug, a tamper mat to reduce noise and a massive 2.2 Peak Horsepower Motor, the Pro 750 is a chef’s dream.Features of the Pro 750:

5 Pre-Programed Settings

    1. Smoothies


  • Frozen Desserts



  • Hot Soups



  • Purees



  • Self Cleaning



Variable Speed Control

    • 10 Variable Speeds


New 2.0L Jug Dimensions

    • The shorter and wider 2.0L BPAY-Free Jug allows much more room to fit under benches in the kitchen


  • The new jug’s dimensions and design make it perfect for blending large amounts.



High Powered Motor

    • A Powerful 2.2 Peak Horsepower Motor


Pulse Feature

    • This pulse setting allows greater control to achieve your desired texture.


Enjoy the chef’s choice of 5 Pre-Programed settings and unlock the vital nutrients in your fruits and vegies.

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Product Description

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The Vitamix Professional Series 750 boasts a sleek new design that is a chef’s delight in precision and efficiency.

The latest in the Vitamix Series is the Pro 750. Packed with new features and a high powered motor, the Pro750 produces perfect results every time. As part of the sleek new design the Pro 750 has vibration dampening and enhanced airflow management, BPA free 2L litre container with low-profile design and 5 Pre-Programmed settings. Enjoy cooking to perfection every time and achieve chef’s results.

Vitamix Pro 750 Review

5 Pre-Programed Settings
    • Smoothies, Frozen Desserts & Hot Soups


  • Simply touch the button and walk away. The Pre-Programmed Pro 500 is timed to stop automatically and helps you create your perfect recipe.




Variable Speed Control
    • 10 Speed Variable Settings.



    • Powerful 2.2 peak horsepower.


  • Vibration dampening tamper mat for quieter blending.



  • Thermal protection to prevent burnout or overload.



  • Low-friction, ball-bearing motor.



  • Wear-resistant base.




    • New jug dimensions! Shorter and wider jug better for bulk blending.


  • 0L Wet Jug



  • Easy-grip handle for better control



  • Shatterproof



  • BPA free



  • Spill proof lid



  • Removable lid plug




Pulse Feature
    • Perfect control for perfect results. This sensitive pulse setting allows you to achieve the optimal texture.



Power & Indicator Light


    • Indicator light flashes automatically when a programmed cycle is finishing.



Brushed Stainless Finish
    • The brushed steel design is sleek and elegant



    • Unique Tamper Tool for Extreme Processing Power



Self Cleaning
    • The Vitamix cleans itself in seconds!



Professional Series Extras:

“Create” Recipe Book
    • Over 300 recipes


  • Easel-back design for independent standing and easy reading



  • Recipes to suit the whole family




Let’s Get Started DVD
    • Instructional DVD


  • Healthy cooking class




Vitamix 7 Year Warranty
    • Australian Warranty



Thanks to the Vitamix’s unique and powerful blade design, the Pro 500 has the ability to break down the cell walls of your healthy fruits and vegies to give your body access to the vital enzymes that often get missed. Hide nutrition-rich greens in your meals, maximise your fibre and create delicious snacks, dips, soups, sauces, baby foods and more that’s quick and easy with minimal cleaning up!

Additional Information

Weight8 kg
Dimensions43 x 31 x 35 cm
Jug Size

2.0L Wet Jug


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